2019 April Education not Teen-Marriage Update


Dear Loyal Supporters

On my visit to our projects in January this year I met these school girls. They desperately didn’t want to get married, but their parents did not have the money for the secondary school expenses. The only option now offered by their parents was marriage and the likely resulting childbearing in their early teens.

We were all very concerned about this, and after discussion with the girls and their parents, we at WTWT and the Pastoralist Council funded them. They are all now back at school continuing their education.

In April we heard of another girl Amani. She was also due to be married because her parents did not have a cow to sell to cover her secondary school expenses.

Amani so much did not want to be married that she ran away to the city of Arusha, where she got a job as a house girl.


Our WTWT staff got in touch with Amani and she came running back. Her mum could not believe it ‘Amani was so humble because she had no hope at all, did not expect any one to fund.’

Amani, all the girls above and all others who passed the exam are now in secondary school.

Amani means ‘Peace’ in Swahili, and she is now at peace, able to fulfil her dream of education.


Thank you so much for your support enabling this work.


Rachel and WTWT trustees in the UK and staff and communities in Tanzania