2021 October Newsletter – Alailelai Loans and Oltepesi Classroom


Dear Loyal Supporters

Thanks to the generous funding from WMI (Women’s Microfinance Initiative) http://wmionline.org and Maasai Partners https://www.maasaipartners.org/ we have been able to expand our loan programme into the three villages of Alailelai ward this year. The women have got off to a really good start with their businesses following training and ongoing support from our team: Mary, Kisiaya and Sandey.


             Olchaniomelok village loan women


The women in Esilalei, Naiyobi and Nainokanoka wards all repaid their loans and continue well with their businesses under the supervision of Sinyati and Sunguyo:

Esilalei Loan group with Sinyati

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of donors this year we have also been able to fund a preschool classroom in Oltepesi village, Ngoile ward, a very poor and remote village:


Oltepesi classroom


Children sitting on rocks in the new preschool

Oltepesi Classroom and children
As soon as the roof was on they started using it, even before the windows, doors and furniture were made. In the day it is used for the preschool children to learn the Swahili language they will need for school. Outside of school hours it is used as a clinic, as they don’t have any buildings for health care. We have sent funding for the furniture and soon the children will be more comfortable. We are grateful to Kileto from the village for organising the work:

‘24/09/202 Kileto Olepurko: I thanks God and you Rachel and WTWT that the class doesn’t not only serves the children but now its used as a clinic when there are doses for deworming of children and clinic for women.’

Health and Health Education

Our support of health care includes funding interpreters at the clinics. The new doctor at Bulati Dispensary, Dr Mabungo, is very grateful to have our interpreter Neema Olonyokie:

“she is helping a lot about information from the patients and medical services for them, because I don’t hear even a single Maasai word”

Medical staff are usually from elsewhere in Tanzania and speak Swahili but not Maasai.

Dr Mabungo and Neema Olonyoki at Bulati Medical Centre

Elizabeth Ngakenya, translator at Naiyobi ward

Dr. Amina Ole Sarowa

Dr. Amina Ole Sarowa is currently working at Naiyobi health centre including teaching at our health classes which are covering the importance of antenatal clinic visits, family planning, hygiene, covid and the effects of FGC. Elizabeth Ngakenya helps her. They walk every Wednesday to Kapenjiro the furthest village of Naiyobi ward and help with interpretation when the flying medical service visits.



We are hugely grateful for all your financial support and your encouragement of our work. Without you we could not do any of this.
As always, our flights and administration are paid by ourselves, so all of your donations go directly to the community projects.
With much love and thanks
Rachel and WTWT trustees here in the UK and our teams in Tanzania:

Rachel, David and Daniel Blackmore, Tim Shewbridge, Ruth Mason, Suchita Raja, Viv Pangalos and Helen Williams in the UK
Ponja Tayai, Sunguyo Sindiyo, Sinyati Ngamuriaki, Embapa Oloishiro, Peesoi Runguna, Grace Tapwaa, Mary Mirimu, Kisiaya Saruni and Sandei Kinyanjui in Tanzania.

If any more of you would like to make a donation or set up a standing order, we would be extremely grateful, as would the people in Ngorongoro.
Our bank account is: ‘Weston Turville Wells for Tanzania’ at Lloyds TSB, account number: 00087400, sort code 30-90-38. Cheques can be made payable to ‘WTWT’ and posted to our address.
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