My name is Masoi Olenauni and I live in Irkeepusi village-Ngorongoro District. I and my husband are blessed with 8 children. Three of children depend on us for their daily needs and both of them are in school. We love seeing them going to school because we both parents did not have formal education.


Our family is big because our husband married five of us. Every wife has her own house and children and therefore works hard to raise her family when husband can’t afford to supply necessary demands.

We had enough cows when I married Olenauni but the number of herd started to drop slowly as he continues marrying more women. I was happy seeing him add more women as its part of norms of our society culture. As the number of cows drops, the harder for husband to supply of family needs therefore every women carries own burden to keep the family alive.

I requested loan from WTWT last three years and got it. It’s after financial literacy lectures offered by WTWT through WMI women from Uganda from Uganda that I started selling second hand clothes and maize which helped to raise and feed my family after gaining profit. WTWT and WMI continued giving annual returnable loans and I was appointed as women group leader since 2013. The position boosted my confidence and therefore determined now to pave the way for other new followers.

My fellow women are moving forward in their business and many requests more loans as they gained business experience and movement freedom from their husbands or dependants.

I thank my follow women for working hard and for re-paying back loan money at said time. I would like as well to thank Rachel Blackmore and all those who are making this happen. Be blessed!